ฺBWS 8x8 Full Prototype @ Defense & Security 2015

The BWS 8x8 now fully fitted with RWS turret (which suspiciously looks like Singapore's Terrex II turret) .
The turret features is
-30mm Bushmaster II
-7.62 mm (NATO) Coax
-Smoke grenade launcher
-Full H-K capability with panoramic sight for commander .
And from the photos ,the BWS 8x8 could carry 9 troops+3 crews who sit on the blast protected seats .

Good bye BTR-3 ,we'll remember you .

Finally,M60A1 upgrade proposal for Royal Thai Army

After long-awaited project I've dreamt of . SPITTA PPSC Joint Venture with unnamed Israel company have presented the proposal for M60A1's upgrade to RTA and It's highly appreciated by the Brass hat at RTA cavalry training centre. Some rumors said "Though it's not finalized but there's high chance that M60A1 will be upgraded " or "It's in waiting for approval state" . I'm excited and thrilled by this news .I admit that I'm Patton lover .I 've wait for its upgrade for a long time ,even write my own upgrade plans for my beloved tank .
This is it ! The poster in FB group has release some upgrade plans .The final product of the upgrade will be Turkish M60T + APS with some modifications ,so let's see it in detail .
- First the mobility , AVDS-1790-2 of M60A1 will be upgraded (not replaced) to have 900+ HP and new air filtration systems ,New transmission -Renk RK304S- ,New final drives ,New or upgraded suspension ,New tracks .

- Second the fire power ,120mm MG253 cannon with APAM and LAHAT ,New FCS with H-K capability ,New turret drives,RWS is an optional .M19 cupola removed and equipped with Merkava style hatch and machine gun mount(s)

- Third the survivability ,new modular armor ,APS (Iron Fist),low observable painting/coating and I assumed that they will be equipped with new fire suppression systems.

- Fourth other gimmicks , APU,Air conditioner,BMS with full NCW support .

- The unknowns , FCS model ,No. of APS system installed ,60mm mortar?

The upgrade will be took place at RTA factory with technology transfer from Israel ,include ammunition production (The RTA has license to produce 105 mm tank ammo for 2 years.)

The final product will be like this .

The LAHAT and NCW work together .(in Thai)

The mobility improvements . Acceleration rate

Speed, First paved road ,second cross country.

Black Widow 8x8 Update !!!

The new indigenous 8x8 armored vehicle has the new update . After a long while I haven't heard any update from this project and I thought that the project is halted or cancelled . But I'm wrong ,this project is going on and have some updates especially its appearances . I have no more data about it but one thing I can confirm ,it's beautiful !!!
*** Some photos are from bomb range to test vehicle IED resistance .****
All credits go to Kritsapat Jatulanon and DTI

Road testing

and "The Ugly sister" for Marines


M60A3 with the wood logs armor ........

10430909_927598580613546_607127485081263319_n (1)
This is not the way how to upgrade the armor on AFVs ......1 ton heavier than the already heavy patton .The wood logs will shattered when RPG hit it and then you will leave the big *ss hole at the armor.Wood logs will neither disrupt the jet forming nor short the RPG's electrical circuit . What are they thinking about ? Sometimes I don't actually understand the Thai Army thinkings.

There're many proven concept out there guys .....Why don't you borrow them ?

VADS get an upgrade !

The venerable M163-VADS will get an upgrade from IMI .
IMO,the upgrade will consist of laser rangefinder to replace AN/VPS-2 ,video feed ,thermal imaging sight (uncooled) and some new functions ,e.g. remote operation,all weather engagement capability or even automatic target tracking . I love VADS but in the new modern warfare the VADS is not enough to protect the troops from aerial threats . We want new ADS/SPAAG .......may be a Pantsir-S1 alike .

IMHO,I don't think the new SPAAG will be on the Army's top shopping list . Some optimistics points of my view told me ,at least the upgrade would make VADS more capable system.
Photos credit : 5th Anti Aircraft Gun Battalion

BTR-3E1 with 90mm CMI CSE90LP has been tested in Thailand .

I know that would be happen ! Just like rumours I've heard ,the MGS for mechanized infantry regiment(s) has been tested . I don't know whether It has been chosen or not but This is another confirmation of the MGS requirement. The Army has sought for establishing the "SBCT wanna be " regiment(s) **(A.K.A. mechanized infantry regiment) for a long time ,the oldest record I have is 20+ years ago (and the winner was Piranha or LAV ,If my memory served me right) but the economic crisis in '97 struck down all military programs (e.g. RTAF- F-18C/D ,RTN -subs and RTA -AFVs) . And 3 years ago ,the dream to mechanized the infantry came true . The BTR-3E1 project fulfilled the wish of highly mobile infantry with reasonable firepower but there are some missing puzzles ,the MGS ,which will provide the heavy punches for this (these) regiment(s),IMO,this 90 mm is more than enough firepower to support the infantry (but 105 should do some jobs better,i.e. tank hunting .)

But there're still some problems with the SBCT wanna be regiment(s) such as the artillery that is not Self propelled , the Ukraine's problem which still plagues the delivery of 2nd phase BTRs and other future shortcomings,e.g. The indigenous 8x8 program which will be denied common logistics with BTR equipped regiment , the Ukraine's political problems which will lead to logistical problem of all Ukrainian's equipments .

Just like Buddha said "You shouldn't chase after the past or place expectations on the future." I just love this MGS !
Photos Credit : Army Eastern Command .(Burapha Command )


ATMOS in Thailand

From my previous post
Finally ATMOS has just came to Thailand . It seems to have 52 caliber rather than normal (and in service) 39 caliber Soltam howitzer .
There are some rumours that the collaboration between RTA and Elbit does not happen . IMO If the rumour is real, this will be a great loss to Thai's weapon industry ! Another rumour said "18 systems will be shipped to Thailand " and "the assembly will be done in the Army Weapon factory " . I hope that the collaboration will be continued and Thai's version of ATMOS will be manufactured in large numbers .
Photos credit : Mr. Natphat Poolsuan



Individual comments on Oplot.

After generals' retirement ceremony ,many presses and soldiers had observed Oplot tank in close and leave comment about it which I'll pass through their comments to my Ukrainian friends .
-6TD-2 engine seems to have more smoke than our M60A3's AVDS-1790.
-Jerking and yawning when it's moving .
-Low quality of welding line and some equipments seems to have lower quality than western equivalents.

And most important issue is super-late sending of remaining Oplots .Army will consider the termination of contract or not order more than 49 .

So,with my best wishes,I hope my Ukrainian friends best luck with their situations and please improve your quality of products .If not ,you'll lost your chance to sell your defence products in the near future .(Which will be many more procurement programs in the future due to junta/military government's nature.)